Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Yes, everyone hates the post office. But what inspired me to make the post office my inaugural post here on this blog???

The complete failure of the USPS Click n Ship system yesterday. I spent close to two hours trying to print one label. One of those hours - while still trying to print - was spent on hold hoping to ask tech support what was wrong.

Normally, I LOVE Click n Ship! It's so easy! It saves me money and TIME! I print my labels and bypass all those annoying lines at the post office, place my packages on the counter, nodding to the clerks and I'm out the door. Easy peasy!

But not yesterday. I failed to be able to ship at all! And after I got someone on USPS Chat, I was finally informed that the issue was internal... THEIR fault.

When I know one of my websites is not working, I put up a notice. WHY can't the post office do the same? Why waste people's time?

USPS Click N Ship - FAIL!

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