Thursday, February 9, 2012

Number One Reason NOT to Use Paperless Banking

Dear ShittyBank -

The NUMBER ONE REASON I WON'T GO PAPERLESS: I NEED access to my accounts IMMEDIATELY 24/7. When I FINALLY get a minute (small business owner wears many hats and never has any time!) to sit down and deal with my taxes  / accounts... the statement I need to see is "not available" until tomorrow. TOMORROW, I won't have time to deal with it! And when I do have time, I promise you, my statement WON'T be available anymore... sigh... It's EXHAUSTING to do business this way. My BofA VISA is the only account I have that GETS it... I have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to any statement anytime I log on... THAT'S SERVICE. This IS NOT! Thanks for nothing... as usual.

Yours truly, Me

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