Saturday, December 25, 2010

Amazing Sephora

Things can get a little negative around here what with all the crappy customer service out there. No one seems to value their customers and don't even get me started on banking! Chase Bank, Citibank, Wells Fargo and Bank America are all taking away free checking! But I thought I would focus this post on one company that is doing something RIGHT!

I was amazed and surprised to find a gift card in my email inbox from Sephora, THE online cosmetics place! O.K. FULL disclosure here: I've long been a fan. I'll never forget one year when I forgot an old friend's birthday and panicked. I looked and looked at all the websites I know she loves for a place that would send her a gift certificate THAT DAY... there were NONE! And then I tried Sephora and BOOM, my friend had her gift and LOVED it! And now she's a Sephora fan too!

But in addition to great customer service and fast email gift cards, Sephora treats it's Beauty Insiders (free to sign up!) to little treats in every order and NICE treats every 100 points or 500 points.

And you get birthday gifts... well, this is a negative to me because they always smell like food. I HATE beauty products and candles that smell like food! That's a man thing. Women like florals and perfume scents. But I can usually add a few scented oils and make it better but if the only negative is I don't love my birthday gift - eh, c'est la vie!

Back to my holiday gift ... Sephora sent all Beauty Insiders a $15 gift certificate and gave us several weeks to use it during the holiday season! I used mine for some Black Honey (Clinique) lip gloss / gel blush.

It feels so nice to do business with a company that treats me as if they appreciate me! I wonder if we could get the Execs at Sephora to do a training seminar for bank management??? Wouldn't that be nice?

Sephora: Pass / A+


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