Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walmart Fail

I know many people out there just don't like the make-it-cheaper-in-China mentality that is Walmart but hey, money is tight. I like to shop there.

But I ran across a Walmart corporate policy the other day that SUCKS.

I went to buy underwear. I've bought my undies at JC Penney for decades... but they get a fail for not carrying the Patches line of cotton bikinis I adore. So, I've been shopping.

I found some that looked like they may "do" at Walmart but I was in the skankiest Walmart in L.A. (Panorama City). This store is so low rent, they have the beauty isle all blocked off to prevent shoplifting. Seriously, I would never shop there at night!

The undies I wanted were packaged five to a bag for 9.50 except, the ONLY ones in my size were open and one was missing! But I need undies. So I go to the register and they tell me the policy is 10% off or 90 cents. That might make sense if you are buying a lawnmower but not a package of multiple anything. I felt strongly that the discount should be 1.90 (9.50 / 5).

The clerk was no help (are they ever?). The front end manager was useless as was the assistant manager. I had to drag my poor feet over to customer service to stand in line for half an hour (REALLY Walmart? When are you ever going to learn you need DIFFERENT LINES for cash checking people and ACTUAL CUSTOMERS???) to finally talk to the store manager.... who had already been brief by the little assistant manager before I finally got the PROPER discount.

Time is money... but I have more time than money and wrong is just wrong. The handling of this... FAIL!

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