Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lucky Baldwin's Pub / Sunset Magazine

I was looking for an interesting neighborhood / day trip to kill an afternoon in with an old friend. I ran across an article in Sunset Magazine all about the little town of Sierra Madre. Sunset had raved about this one pub called Lucky Baldwins.

My first mistake was trusting Sunset! It was dumping rain when I met my friend. We ventured into the little pub - only a handful of customers but not unusual in such a deluge. It seemed like a typical English pub: kind of dark, heavy wood furniture, long bar. We ordered the iced tea as we were both driving in the crazy CA weather.

Oy! What undrinkable swill! It tasted as if it had been brewed in a coffee pot with old coffee still in there. No amount of sweeter could make it taste better! And it kind of stuck to your teeth with some weird greasy coating!  I sent mine back  - no one should have to pay for undrinkable beverages! But my friend kept quiet.

We both ordered their version of the shepherds pie called cottage pie. It was the most god awful food I've ever tried to eat!  I admit, I'm a little spoiled... I adore the Cheesecake Factory's Shepherds Pie. It is perfect... amazing cuts of beef, gravy, tender yet crunchy veggies and mashed potatoes that taste like... mashed potatoes!

This is the Cheesecake Factory's:

And this was Lucky Baldwin's

This was what I brought home to the dog. I did make an attempt at eating the mashed potatoes on top but they tasted powdered. Served with fries (would you like some potatoes with your potatoes?) that tasted as if they had been in the freezer too long and the peas were actually on the side. The peas were the tastiest part of the meal... but then it's hard to screw up peas!

The pie itself tasted like they threw some cooked carrots into pasta sauce and covered with with the icky potatoes. I know restaurants are trying to save money but sheesh... pasta sauce has no place in cottage pie!

I was shocked to learn that Lucky Baldwin's has TWO locations! I would avoid them both based on this meal! And as for Sunset magazine... I don't think I will trust them again! Clearly the writer had too much ale when the recommendation was written.

Lucky Baldwin's Pub - FAIL
Sunset Magazine - FAIL


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